If it’s true that hiccups mean your growing.  Lydia should is getting bigger all of the time.  We had another hiccup this morning.  Her schedule got moved around and she had an appointment with an audiologist before getting her IV.  I was surprised to find out that she has mild to moderate hearing loss, with a flat tympanic membrane.  I felt like I had the wind was knocked out of me.  Really, this not a terrible thing.  We knew the risks of her chemo and radiation.  This was one of them.  We would rather have a baby free of cancer that was completely deaf than the alternative of course. 

Her tests showed that she has fluid in her ears.  We will take her to an ENT to clear her up, then retest her.  The frustrating thing is that this hasn’t ended.  I really would LOVE to put all that she has been through behind us.  But in reality, she will be tested for years to make sure her body is working correctly.  Aaaaggggghhhhh!  (I am a little upset if you can’t tell.) 

It is possible that her hearing will be significantly better after the fluid is removed, so yea.  It is also neat that her favorite DVD’s are Signing Time.  I don’t practice it nearly enough.  I know a lot of signs now, but feel stupid and awkward when I use them.  It is lack of practice.

So after her hearing test we hustled over to clinic 8 for her IV.  We only had an hour to get her triaged, the IV placed, IVIG started.  I felt rushed and like time was against us.

The IV therapist that we have used in the past was not available, so one of our sweet nurses agreed to try.  Our nurses are all such sweet angels.  They give and love unconditionally.  Lydia’s veins are tiny and spider vein like.  They are also way down deep.  After many tears and an unsuccessful attempt, we decided to come back on Monday morning – first thing-yikes!  We are scheduled to have the IV therapist bring a vein finding machine to get it started.

Because, it was all so stressful, we will wait and do her bloodwork on Monday too.  Please keep praying.  Hopefully her liver panel will all be back to normal too.

Thanks so much,