Lydia got her first shiner last night.  Yep, right in the eye.  What was she doing that was so dangerous, you might ask.  Reading.  I never thought of reading as a contact sport until then.  I was reading to her and one of my sons, when he decided that he wanted me to read the book that Lydia was holding instead.  With a little scuffle, her eye turned purple immediately.  David looked at her shocked and said “should that have bruised so quickly?”  I jumped up and called our doctor, even before putting ice on it.  She asked me a bunch of questions and we decided that everything was ok.  She just looks like she is wearing a little eye shadow.

We go to clinic on Wednesday to get her bloodwork drawn.  Hopefully, her liver panel will be back to normal.  I am praying.

About praying, I have some friends that desperately need yours right now.  Please pray for the Brittain’s.  Megan relapsed last month with a tumor on her spinal column.  She had a very dangerous surgery that went very well, but she is left with a lot of pain.  Her father, Gary, had a heart attack over the weekend and is in the CCU right now.  He is stable, but they both need much prayer.

Also, baby Maddie, another infant leukemia fighter, is currently having seizure like episodes, that don’t seem to be seizures.  The doctors have told them that she may have a very rare brain damage.  The particular brain damage that they are worried about, does not have any tests to prove AND the doctors have told them that it would be worse than if she relapsed. 

My God is so BIG, he has known all of our trials before they are upon us.  Come Lord Jesus, come.