I wanted to let you all know that we went to clinic yesterday to get Lydia good and checked out.  She is doing much better.  Clinic went well.  In fact she had not lost an ounce during her illness!  She is still only drinking pedialyte.  She is not interested in going back to formula yet.  I sneak it in while she sleeps sometimes.

There was a blip on Lydia’s blood work yesterday.  Two of her liver function test came back sky high.  It is possible that it because of the virus that she had.  That is my hope.  Next week we will go back and get her labs again.  If the tests are still elevated, then she will have to be tested for a number of infections.  These particular infection possibilities made me cringe. 

Our doctors are very conservative when it comes to their patients.  If they really thought that it was something other than the tummy virus, she would have been tested immediately.

I am desperate to put her in God’s hands again.