Yes, that is true…for today.  This morning Lydia’s rash had decreased significantly.  I mean, it was barely noticeable.  I was suppose to notify Dr. Cook when we reached Children’s for the Biopsy.  When I did, I let her know of the phenomenon.  I was kind of afraid to, since we had cancelled on Wednesday and now this surprise.  She met us up on the stem cell unit and made sure her baby (Lydia) definitely did not need a biopsy, before sending us away.  I had such a nice time waiting with this special person.

The doctor and nurse that specialize in transplants didn’t think that it was anything like GVHD!  The rash was so insignificant that Dr. Cook had to pull out a photograph of it earlier in the week to document that it truly had been there.  Isn’t that amazing.

I am suppose to treat all of her skin with Eucerin twice a day and use dandruff shampoo.  Her skin is so dry.  Petroleum jelly may have irritated it, though it definitely moistened it well to help clear up the rash.

I taper her medication that fights off GVHD next week.  Hopefully a rash will not flare up again.  If it does all the doctors are prepared to look it over.

Thanks for the continued prayer for Lydia and all of these special warrior children.