Sally, Lydia, and I took a little road trip to Nashville yesterday to have her two month follow up appointment after her eye surgery.  Dr. Donahue says that all looks great.  We don’t have to return until May (right before we head to Seattle for her one year BMT check up.)  She has an ever so slight cross.  Nothing like before.  He says not to mess with anything since her eyes are improving.  YEA!

So, that brings me to the rash.  Sunday I awakened to a baby that looked like she had poison ivy on her face.  It looked awful.  We had scheduled to do a skin biopsy today, but it looks like it is clearing up on its own.  Praise God!  It is still there, but we are waiting until Friday to see if it will clear up or if she will get it biopsied then.  Please continue to pray for it to clear up.  It does itch her baby self.