I was recently with a group of my friends (can you believe it?).  One of the ladies was asking everyone how they would grade 2008.  Most everyone said that even though there had been a lot of hardship during the year, God had shown His hand, therefore they would grade it an “A”.  I think one person gave it a “B”.  Then I was asked how I would grade it.  I think I gave them the “are you kidding me” look.  I could see how God was bigger than our circumstances and showed Himself miraculously, therefore you could imagine an “A”.  But really, I would grade it an “F”.  No way, do I ever want to go down that road again.  I feel like I have been deep in hell and God swept down and pulled me out.  I never felt closer to God than I did during this experience, but the experience was grotesque. 

Lydia went to clinic on Wednesday.  She did not have to get an IVIG infusion!  Her levels were still low, but above the cut off.  Yea, no IV! 

Her rash is still hanging out.  It comes and goes, but seems to have spread.  The doctors believe that if it is GVHD (where the new bone marrow is rejecting her skin), then the rash will flare up over the next couple of weeks.  There is still a HUGE battle in Lydia’s little body.  She is getting better and better everyday, but this is a reminder to me of the war.  Please, please, please join me in praying for her bone marrow to love the skin and body that it is in…and for me to trust God with every inch of her.