Today’s clinic visit went very well.  Lydia was a bit of a bucking bronco during labs, but Miss Joyce  can stick a moving target with ease.  For that I am VERY thankful.

Lydia was standing up, holding my fingers when our doctor and nurse came to the room.  Tears of joy were flowing.  Lydia stole the show and didn’t even know it.  She is doing so well that we don’t have to go back for labs until JANUARY!!!

The rash on her face had gone away completely…until I stopped treating it.  So, it still needs attention, but it responds well to ointment.  Her busted eardrum was much better, but now the other ear needs drops.  She doesn’t seam to mind them like she does medications by mouth.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy all still come to the house.  Each come every week, mostly.  I can see the progress she is making in all three.  Through speech she is eating eating better, though she is still not saying any consonant sounds other than “H”.  This is not uncommon for babies that have gone through the amount of chemo, radiation, and hospitalization to be delayed like this, but I have hope that she will learn to communicate by mouth again.  She can use some sign language, but only when she wants too.  There is no prompting to show off.  She really likes a song on Signing Time about the colors of the rainbow.  Though she will squeal with delight and get very animated, the only sign she will do is clap to the beat.  Well, at least she has rhythm!