All I want for Christmas is to make a Christmas card to share with people.  I mean really, we have so much to rejoice and share with others.  I had an idea in my head of what it would look like.  You know, the kids would smile perfectly the first time the shutter snapped, they would be in focus, and the lighting would show that the kids were made for movies.  Also, I have been wrapping my mind around how to express the joy and hope that our family can testify too.  But alas, kids are moving targets.  It’s cold outside and dark inside.  I don’t have words to share our happiness perfectly.  I guess, this is all because nothing is perfect, but our Father.  Even when He shares his blessings with us, we are still imperfect humans living life the best we can.  I still strive for the “perfect” life, and when I do I am sorely disappointed.  I just gotta keep it real.

copy-of-dsc_0015Grumpy – yes, joyful – not while the camera is rolling. Merry Christmas!