Hoping for a little snow, here in Alabama.  It doesn’t happen often, and is ALWAYS strange after a hot day.  Going to sleep was like Christmas Eve for my boys last night.  They were so excited about all of the possibilities for the new morning ahead:  hoping for snow, building Aunt Sally’s birthday cake, a birthday parade, and daddy coming home from a short trip.  I think I am just as excited as they are.

Lydia got to skip clinic this week.  Her infusion went well last week, but giving her an IV was VERY difficult.  Hopefully, she is just about done with infusions altogether.  Otherwise, I will ask (or be directed) to have an under the skin port put in.  Ports are so helpful and necessary for cancer therapy, but now that she is done, I am praying that it will not be necessary.

The fungal rash is now gone and her ear is doing better.  She has been cranky lately…wanting things she can’t play with and such.  I always wonder “is this a stage or is something wrong”.  She is cutting two more teeth.  That makes four total.  Her ability to stand up is getting better and she is scooting more and more.

This evening, I took my boys to the grocery store and saw a familiar face, carting around her four year old son.  I spoke to her, and racked my brain trying to place her.  She is quite angelic in appearance.  Finally, I realized that she was one of our respiratory therapists during Lydia’s sick days.  When I made the connection, I felt like I was getting sucked out of a vacuum.  This particular person, is so gentle and loving, but I remembered things that I had forgotten.  It is good to be faced with our fears.  God has conquered them all.  I am thankful that this lady helped save my daughters life.