God is so good.  We had such a peaceful Thanksgiving, thank you for your prayers.  This weekend we put up the Christmas tree.  All three of the children are so delighted with it.  I typically wouldn’t have decorated this early, but I guess none of us wanted to miss any of Christmastime at the house this year.  

I started putting together my Christmas to-do list, and was overcome with the anxiety of “getting it all done”.  You know what I am talking about, don’t you? 

Last year I didn’t buy one present.  Not one.  We were in the hospital and that was that.  Though I would have MUCH rather been out in the hustle and bustle (I actually enjoy much of it), I came away with a closer connection with the tender love of the Christmas story.  I really don’t want to lose that connection.  I want to keep it simple…but I want to do so much.

  • This year I want to send out Christmas cards.  We have so much to rejoice about and share hope.  I have never been good at getting them made, written, addressed, stamped, and mailed.  Maybe I will start with addressing the cards this year, that way if they don’t get done they will be ready for next year!  Keep it simple. 
  • I want Jesus’ birth to be the center of our Christmas celebration.  I have a toy Nativity for the kids to play with.  I pulled it out and read the Bible to them.  As I spoke of the different people, they would look for the different figurines.  It was going well until one of my sons decided to use the figurines as hammers.  Typically I would take the toy away and send it to “time out”.  Sending the Holy Family to “time out” just didn’t seam appropriate.  Keep it simple. 
  • I want to take Christmas presents to Children’s Hospital 4Tower on Christmas Day.  If you would like to be a part of this, by having your children draw pictures, sending a card, toy, etc., please leave me a comment or email me.  Keep it simple. 

I want to thank you for your prayers for Lydia’s rash.  It has responded well to the topical meds.  The doctors were still thinking it was a fungal rash.  She is using ear drops, because apparently it looked like she had busted her eardrum!  She never cried or gave me any indication other than tugging at her ears.  She tugs at them everyday, so this was nothing unusual.  Dr. Cook happened upon it during her routine exam last week.  Lydia smiles more and seams to feel better more and more everyday.  She is so beautiful.

This Wednesday Lydia will get an IVIG infusion.  This is the one that will give a boost to antibodies.  Unfortunately she will have to get her first IV, since she no longer has her central line.  Please pray that this goes smoothly for Lydia’s little body.

I would simply love to hear ideas of how to keep Christmas simple.