I just wanted to report that Lydia had minor surgery today.  Very minor.  She yanked on her Central Venous Line (exterior blood line) and it came out a bit.  Since it hasn’t been used in over a month AND she didn’t need an IVIG transfusion this month (her body made enough immune globulin on its own!), we decided to have it taken out instead of replaced, left in or whatever the other options might have been.

Literally the surgeon walked in our clinic room and YANK, YANK, YANK it was out!  Sally was with us, thankfully.  I just knew I would need moral support today.  My boys were with my mom and all was right in our house.

Lydia bounced back quickly.  I still have much to report, but I have to go to sleep.  Please note to pray for her body to heal easily and well after the latest “surgery”, her eating, her eyes, her skin, and as always staying cancer free.  She is about 180 days post transplant!  This is HUGE!!! 

Please also pray for all of the children going through cancer treatment and those who have opted out.

Also, I want to take toys, movies, games, etc. to the children staying at the hospital over the holidays.  If you want to donate any items or moo-la, please let me know.  Please Email leapnlizzie@gmail.com.

Lydia was diagnosed the Monday after Thanksgiving.  She stayed in the hospital through January or February (honestly I don’t remember).  It was tough for me being away from the family at such a special time. 

I really want to bless the families and give them hope.