As you may have read, Lydia’s eye surgery was a great success.  I can already tell a HUGE difference in her eyes.  She was ready to leave Vanderbilt by 11AM yesterday!  The initial pain medicine that she received didn’t do the trick though.  She had to get double the amount of meds of someone her weight going through the same surgery.  Apparently, she had built up a resistance to the first medicine.

She slept all the way home.  Since waking up, she has been highly agitated.  Not really more than expected, but much more than I like to see.  David keeps reminding me that it is only for a few days, not for a year, and not life threatening.  Relief is coming.  When she sleeps, she is able to stay asleep.  I think it probably hurts to look around.  Those sutures have got to hurt.

I take her back to Vanderbilt next Tuesday to get her eyes checked out.  Physically she is getting stronger and stronger.  She now knows how to pitch a fit.  This is shocking to me that my little baby who had the right to pitch fits most of her babydom is choosing to initiate her ability now.  Quite honestly, I am not sure how to handle them.  She throws herself backward and I am afraid that she will hurt herself.  I think she wants to be able to move around, but doesn’t have the skills.  Hopefully they will come quickly and she will learn not to throw herself backward.

Believe it or not, all adults in our household were able to get out and vote today.  Little C was thrilled to go “vote” too.  He told Aunt Sally that voting was the most fun ever.  I pray God’s love, help, and mercy on all that are elected…and on all whom they govern.