We are in Nashville, staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  The house manager was so kind to make sure Lydia had a room isolated from the group to keep her safe from infection.  Her opthamology appointment went very well on Friday.  I feel very comfortable with the Dr. Donahue.  He is very conservative and didn’t want to operate on her eyes unless she truly needed it.  After his examination, he decided that we should go ahead and operate Monday morning.  Before he met her in person he read over the previous opthamologist’s report and his technicians report.  He said that after reading them he thought he was going to just continue to watch her, but after he examined her he could see that she was trying to hold on to her binocular vision so much that she was adjusting her posture so that she could see.  This has been going on for some time, but I didn’t know the reason.


His goal for the surgery is for her eyes to be able to be aligned while tracking at a distance and looking up and down.  He said that she may have crossed eyes while tracking near to her.  Maybe not.  He said that her biggest problems were distance and up and down.  If he worked on her near distance too, then she may have get bigger problems.  We will continue to watch her eye crossing at a near distance.  It is possible that he will put her in glasses to correct this problem.  We will have a better idea right after surgery.


Dr. Donahue also said that when babies under age two have eye surgery, then they will need more surgery before age five.  That is why he didn’t want to operate unless he thought she really needed it.


I feel good about the surgery for many reasons:

  1. This was our third opinion, and all of the doctors said the same thing.
  2. This surgery, should make it easier for Lydia to see and not hold her head funny.  This means that her motor skills may improve easier.
  3. Dr. Donahue came highly recommended. 


So, surgery is scheduled for 7:15AM tomorrow morning.  We hope to be on the road home by 1PM.  Hopefully someone can leave a comment to let you know how it went before we get home. 


This is purely a muscular surgery.  He is going to operate on three muscles: the inferior obliques in both eyes and the medial rectus in the right eye.  He will leave dissolvable sutures in all three muscles leaving her eyes uncomfortable and itchy for about three days.  This is expected to be the hardest part for Lydia.  I can’t imagine how she will deal with this.


Please pray for the surgery to correct her eye alignment better than expected with as little discomfort as possible.