The Birmingham Sail Club have an annual Leukemia Cup Regatta, raising funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  This year it was in honor of Miss Lydia.  Our family has been speechless with the outpouring of support that continues to come our way from all over. 
Leukemia Cup Regatta

Leukemia Cup Regatta

Thank you all for everything each of you do for our family.  Many people have commented to me that they feel like they have not done enough.  I want you to rest assured that even one prayer on Lydia’s behalf is more than enough.  God listens and responds.  Most of the time, He answers in ways that we can’t imagine, it would seem. 
Lydia had her NG tube (feeding tube) replaced on Tuesday.  She was a bit dehydrated, but not too much at all thankfully.  I am relieved to be able to make sure she drinks enough.  She is still eating with her spoon well.  I am no longer making her drink in her sleep like I did during that 36 hour period…now, just once a night! 
Today we had a bit of a breakthrough.  She drank from a cup and wanted MORE!  Boy did I give her more, and more, and more.  Apple juice was the drink of choice.  I can’t tell you what good news this is.  I hope that it wasn’t a fluke and she will drink at each meal.  I will keep you posted.
At clinic we found out that Lydia was able to decrease THREE of her medications.  This is huge!  Dr. Cook was truely a Superwoman to make a special trip to see Lydia on Tuesday.  I am so grateful for such a caring, compassionate, life saving doctor.