Well, last night Lydia’s NG Tube (feeding tube) came out accidentally.  I have to change the dressing on it regularly.  Sometimes the tape sticks better than others.  I had changed it on Saturday, but Sunday it wasn’t worth a hoot, and the whole thing slipped right out.  Usually, I just grab a partner (David or Sally) and do “surgery” and put it back in.  I HATE the process, but you got to do what you got to do, right? 

Anyway, the tube is over a month old, so I decided to wait and take her to clinic Monday morning and replace it with a new one, by the professionals. 

The only problem is that I still have to get her meds down her and hopefully some formula.  She fought me pretty hard taking her meds, but eventually got them all down. 

Then, I started thinking how she might end up being awake hungry all night if she didn’t get her nighttime formula down.  So I MacGyvered her pacifier to a syringe feed her formula to her.  I waited until she was almost asleep, so she wouldn’t realize that her pacifier wasn’t normal.

It worked!  She is now able to drink about 2 ounces from her pacifier per feeding.  Since she is doing so well, I have been given the go ahead to wait one more day to see how she does eating without the tube.  It takes forever feeding her this way, but I am hoping that it will pay off.  Today after nap-time, I switched it to her bottle and she actually drank 2 ounces!

She needs to drink almost twice as much as she has so far to be able to keep the tube out.  Please pray that she does this.  I would just love it!

Also my 2 year old has a cold.  It is pretty awful.  Please pray that the rest of the house is spared so that Lydia stays well.  I really don’t want to be readmitted to the hospital.  I want her to continue to heal.

Thanks for the prayer!