No GVHD (Graft Verses Host Disease)!!!!  All of the cells both in her skin and digestive tract do not have the characteristics of GVHD!  God is so good!  Thank you all for your prayers for our little girl.  GVHD can still present itself, but NOT TODAY! 

The endoscopy and biopsy showed two things in her tummy…reflux and a bacterial infection.  The reflux has been corrected with upping her dose of Prevacid and giving her a ton of Reglan.  Now she has started a three day course of antibiotics and an antihistamine.

The skin rash, apparently, is from a drug reaction with Reglan.  So we are stopping that immediatly and will see if she needs something new for her tum tum. 

Though these things are serious and need to be treated…they are treatable!  Babies that haven’t gone through what Lydia has gone through can have issues like this.  You don’t know how elated I am to NOT have to do a 9 month course of prednisone.  What a load off.

So this week, I have asked a couple of friends for help.  They were so lovely and jumped in with both feet.  I was very thankful, but I felt so needy. 

When Lydia was diagnosed the unity of the church came together and took on our needs.  I knew that it was all God, because all of our needs were met without me even asking.  The church is still ready to help out with all of our needs, but it is my responsibility to let them know what we need.  That is really hard for me.  It can feel like defeat, but a very wise woman told me the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” does not apply to things that He hasn’t prepared me to do.  As Christians we are expected to be in communion with others.  I am united with other believers.  Relying on Jesus requires me to lean into Him, therefore leaning into believers.  This revelation has been quite freeing to me.

Overall, this has been a GREAT week…and its only Wednesday.