A rash…yes, a rash.  Lydia has a small rash on her back.  I think this pretty much sealed the deal for Lydia’s stomach/colon biopsy on Friday.  Well, the fact that she still has some tummy issues may have had something to do with it. 

A rash is a symptom of skin GVHD (Graft Versus Host Disease).  She will have one of the bumps on her back biopsied tomorrow too while she is sedated.  I am so thankful that both procedures can happen at the same time.  I wouldn’t want Lydia to have to be awake during any biopsy.  One thing I wish you would pray for is that she would not have any problems during sedation.  She has to be intubated for this procedure and she is still breathing more than twice as fast as a healthy baby.  I just don’t want any problems in this area.

Also her central line hasn’t worked since we have been home.  Leslie and Robbie I know you are surprised it worked as long as it did!  Anyway, this means she has had to be stuck by a needle three weeks now.  If it doesn’t start giving blood soon it will be taken out and she will have to get stuck EVERY week. 

On Wednesday it took three of us to hold her down during the stick.  The lady who drew her blood kept saying “she’s a fighter”, possibly derogatorily.  Christy, our nurse, piped up real fast saying “yes she is” so proud of our gal.  I was so glad she was there with us.

I will let you know when we get some results back.  It will probably be next week.

Thanks for your prayers,