What do you get when Lydia and mom (me) blog together while my sons are quiet in their rooms during rest time?  Hopefully a nap, but yesterday I was startled when I heard CLANG, CLANG, CLANG “hooray!”.  It surprised me so much that I thought surely that was on TV.  We had Signing Time on during our computing.  I looked up, startled, and heard it again…CLANG, CLANG, CLANG “hooray!”.   OK, now I know it is my boys, not the TV.

I put Lydia down, and walk back calmly knowing that I could find broken things or anything that could be dangerous or destructive (one time at the Ronald McDonald House they were swinging from the blinds…yes, literally.)  Since that day, rest time has been observed without destruction.

I took a breath and opened the door.  I wasn’t prepared for the coins flying through the air straight at me followed by the “hooray!”  Not to mention, my dark skinned boys were painted white as snow.  They apparently had teamed up, stealth like, made a make-shift ladder, climbed up to the top of their chest of drawers, getting down the contents of their piggy bank, lotions, diaper creams, fingernail scissors, etc.  

My once, sweet innocent boys, had painted the walls, floors, beds, chair, books, mirror, and themselves with the creams.  The painting must have happened during the quiet part of rest time.  Once they were done with their artistic side, they began playing their own version of dice, but instead of throwing dice, they threw their coins at the door squealing with delight, just like they had won the game. 

You know seeing a sight like this, I didn’t exactly know how to handle it.  Do you laugh?  Do you get furious?  Do you leave them in their rooms for daddy to take care of the situation when he returns home from work?  

Sally scrubbed the boys and I scrubbed the room.  I called my friend who has raised more kids than Abraham could have imagined being his offspring.  I thought surely she knows how to tackle the situation.  She was great, she used words describing them as team players, intellectuals, evaluated the room and formulated a plan, they were innovative and used initiative to design the room and each other.  All things that we could put on their resumes one day.  Now she really knows how to speak my language.  We had a good laugh.

The boys were exhausted after the 7th time of washing their hair.  Diaper cream does NOT come out of hair easily.  Hopefully the exercise of scrubbing was enough to detour them of future raidings. 

David came home from work looked at them and asked if they had been bathed yet.  Today the residue is much less, but still evident.  Hopefully by the 100th washing their hair will not have a grey tinge to it.

Tomorrow is Lydia’s clinic day.  I will know by then if we will continue forward and have her stomach biopsy on Friday.  I will keep you posted.