We are trying hard to get to the bottom of all of the nausea!  Last Wednesday’s appointment with the GI doc went well.  We really surprised Dr. Cavendar.  He had not seen Lydia since she was REALLY sick and a tiny baby.  He couldn’t believe she was the same baby at all.  Anyway, he scheduled her for an endoscopy/stomach biopsy this Friday, BUT he is hopeful that it is a reflux problem instead.  She is now taking more meds for reflux that have helped, but not stopped the problem in its tracks.  I am trying to journal how her tummy is behaving to take to clinic on Wednesday.  We will see what he and Dr. Cook decide.  Dr. Cook has been great, talking with Seattle’s Long Term Follow Up team.  I am so thankful that I can trust my Doctors.  They truly want to get Lydia well.

My computer was crashing everytime I used it, so I wasn’t able to let you all know about my sweet Grandmother.  She is 93 years old, and just amazing.  She helped raise my sister and me.  We have a shared experience of both having daughters with cancer.  Her sweet daughter died of a brain tumor when she was seven.  My grandmother means the world to me.  She is in the hospital right now.  She was taken to the hospital for a reaction to a medication that was given to her for a rash.  Once that reaction was under control, she fell and broke multiple ribs.  After she broke her ribs, she was put on pain medication, which knocked her back even more.  I understand she is much better…off the drugs and with sane mind. 

My prayers for my grandmother include that she would truly be cared for (I am in no position to help her right now, though I long to be at her side), and that she would be respected by people who take care of her and love her.  I have many other prayers for her, but these are what are burning in my heart today.

Thanks so much for your prayers for our family.