Breathing is something that comes naturally, right?  For all of the “well” folks out here, we shouldn’t have problems doing it.  Well, somewhere in the midst of all of this, I forgot how and am re-learning. 

Since being home, I have been so exhausted, so pulled in every direction, and so unspiritual.  It has driven me crazy.  I actually thought, if I do more, then I might get “it”.  This “it” that I am seaching for is the purpose God has placed in me.  I, being tired and unspiritual, think that I must be doing something wrong.  Certainly, going through such extreme life and death issues would make me stronger and understand God, right?  I soon realized, that such divine answers that I sought would make me a god…super human.  Not really God’s plan.  I am human…very, very human.  God wants me serving Him exactly where I am.  Not striving to be supermom, supernurse, superwife, or even superbride to God Almighty. 

So here is where I will stay, learning to breathe in the life and love that He has abundantly given me and my family.

Tomorrow, Lydia and I will go see her pediatric GI doc.  Then, we are off to the oncology clinic.  Hopefully, we will get some answers.  If the GI doc decides to get a biopsy of her tummy, that will probably be on Friday.  I am praying that we will find out what is making her so nauseous and she will get the treatment she needs.

Lydia is officially starting Early Intervention and will begin getting Physical and Occupational Therapies next week.  Lots of changes and new faces, but lots of possibilities of healing!