Lydia’s birthday was wonderful!  We were treated by Ray’s Boathouse to celebrate her birthday dinner.  It was quite a treat.  Lydia ate her cake at home.  she enjoyed it immensely.  Brother’s liked it too!  Since her birthday it has been a whirlwind…

The next day, Lydia had chemo.  Since her bone marrow transplant, her protocol states that she has to receive 4 doses of chemo into her spinal fluid.  This is just a precaution.  No leukemia has been traced ever in her spinal fluid, but because she could not get tapped at the very beginning (because of her body had no spinal fluid as low as typically tapped) we are treating her as if she did have leukemia there.  We are taking NO chances of it coming back.  As much as humanly possible, anyway.  Lydia, bounced back over the weekend pretty quickly.  

We took our first road trip to Snoqualmie Falls, WA.  It was less than an hour away from the Ronald McDonald House,  but for the first time since diagnosis, I felt like I had wings and could go anywhere.  The waterfall was beautiful.  From there we went to a train museum and the boys got hopped up on kettlecorn and twizzlers.  They talked faster than I had ever heard them before.  Yes, I made a note for myself to remember this reaction.

So when we got home we started packing and packing and packing.  For days we packed not feeling like we were making much progress, because Lydia and I still had many appointments left and the boys needed to run around and get energy out.  Thursday morning, we flew home to Alabama.  Yes, we were still packing that very morning.  We were so blessed that Mountain Ridge Community Church came to clean the apartment after we left.  We would have missed our plane otherwise!

We were welcomed with open arms at the airport and at home by our family that we had missed dearly.  It meant so much to all of us.  Many of you don’t know that David, my boys, and my sister, Sally were able to stay in Seattle with Lydia and me the whole time.  We flew home together as a family, to begin again together as a family.

So now we are home, thrilled to be home surrounded by loved ones and the familiarities of a life once known.  It is very comfortable being home, but we do miss the beauty of Seattle.  The boys were so excited coming home.  They had missed their big trucks!  Lydia has done very well with change.  She is tired and weak, but her energy and strength will come in time.  Her tummy is not as happy as it was a week ago.  Please continue to pray for the graft to except her body.  

We went to clinic on Friday at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham!  It was great seeing all of our nurses and many of our doctors.  We will return on Wednesday under the care of our dear Dr. Rebecca Cook, who I miss so much.  I am looking forward to seeing her again.  

Sunday David and I had the chance to go to church.  It was the first time in months.  My pastor, Mike Garrigan, preached on weariness.  I felt like the whole service was just for me and David.  God is so good and loving.

Dear Seattle Children’s, SCCA, and UW doctors, nurses, staff, Ronald McDonald House, Mountain Ridge CC, and new friends thank you all for your help and love during this stage in my daughter’s life.   Your support is so dear to us.  We will see you next year on our return for Lydia’s follow up.  Yes, I already have the plane tickets!