So the other day, I was in Starbucks (you know it is Seattle after all).  I ordered my Frappucino, then stepped aside to wait for my order to be ready.  I saw a lady in the corner reading her Bible.  The scene swept me up in emotion.  I could hardly contain my tears.  I have been extremely emotional lately.  I was so hungry for the Word of God that I went up to the lady and asked her to share with me what she was reading, because I was desperate.  She was taken a bit by surprise.  Hey, I was too.  But it was amazing, having a touch of church at Starbucks.  I miss being in the body of Christ.  God is with me when I am alone, but He is amplified in the group.  I really desire being part of the group again.  Hopefully that desire will be filled sooner than later.  We should be coming home by labor day weekend!  I don’t have our tickets yet, but our discharge meeting is being scheduled at the end of the month. 

Lydia’s skin biopsy came back positive for GVHD.  I felt like like this just ruined the whole thing.  I had visions of 9 months of steroids and problems for the rest of her life.  This is possible, but hopefully not the decision the long-term-follow-up-care-team will decide she needs.  Right now she is completely off prednisone.  So far she is not having flare ups.  I thought she was having a real pale flare up the other night, but after describing what I saw, the doctors told me that it didn’t sound like GVHD at all.  Hopefully it wasn’t.  The doctors are hopeful that she just has acute GVHD, not chronic.  We want her to have a tiny bit, because it keeps her chances of relapse much lower.  

With all of this GVHD talk I started freaking out about possibilities of her having deabilitating problems for the rest of her life.  I had to remember to put this in God’s hand too.  He is in control, no matter what. 

Also, I don’t think that I mentioned yet that Lydia had to get chemotherapy into her spinal fluid 4 times after transplant.  These were purely preventative measures to do everything possible to keep her from relapsing.  She has had 2 out of the 4 already.  She will have one more before we leave Seattle and her final chemo when we return to Birmingham.   We don’t know if Lydia ever had cancer in her spinal fluid, because she couldn’t be “tapped” when she was diagnosed.  When she was tapped, she had already recieved some chemo and no cancer was found in the spinal fluid.  So, we are taking every precaution to keep her cancer free, even though she may not need it.  This is exhausting to me, because I am tired of my baby being exhausted by her protocol.  Her last chemo, was this past Thursday.  She recovered really well afterwards.

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