Lydia’s fever spiked early in the morning on Friday, but instead of going straight to the hospital we were able to go to clinic first and get cultures and her first round of antibiotics.  Then we headed to the RMHouse to “pack” and eat cake and open presents in all of about 15 minutes.  The party was an all day event that my baby boy loved.  It was hard for me to be away, but I felt relief that he was still happy and that Lydia got what she needed.

So far the only fever spike was at home and her blood cultures are negative, which means we can go “home” tomorrow if all continues as it is.  Her breathing is still faster than normal, but slowly getting slower.  Yea!!!  I was really afraid that she would get here and be grumpy being admitted to the hospoital, remembering past events, but thankfully she has really enjoyed being here and all of the attention the nurses give her.  Dave and the boys spent a lot of time here today which really helped all of our dispositions.

Thanks again for your prayers for our miracle, Lydia. 

Please be in prayer for baby Ethan and baby Annah.  Both have infant leukemia and very different stories.  Both babies and families are desperate for prayer right now.  Jesus’ sweet peace, may it flow through them as they prepare for the next step of the journey.  I am praying for healing and God’s glory to shine.