Today I got some WONDERFUL news.  Lydia’s bone marrow results came back as 100% donor! AND that she is in complete remission!  No signs of any of that nasty leukemia coming back.  I am praying that it will never come back. 

She has responded well to the steroids for the GVHD and is taking her formula from both the bottle and feeding tube.  She is still slowly taking larger volumes of formula as her gut is able.  She is doing so well in all aspects of her treatment that she will be discharged on Sunday, unless there something changes.  She looks great and plays great.  The hardest thing lately has been that the steroids make it harder for her to sleep and she doesn’t want to fall asleep.  This brings on lots of tears if she is terribly worn out.  But other than that she is all smiles and giggles.

Our nurses have been so surprised at how well she has improved over the past week.  It is remarkable!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  You all mean so much to us.