I just wanted to let everyone know that Lydia had an endoscopy yesterday instead of a bone marrow aspiration.  The pictures looked good, only mild abrasions on her stomach, but the biopsy report showed moderate Graft Verses Host Disease (GVHD).  It does not seam to be the chronic version, but only time will tell.  She immediately started a heavy duty dose of steroids.  In a week she will wean down to a minimal amount that will continue for 3-4 months.  The up-side is that Dr. Dallas expects Lydia’s stomach to respond in a few short days and hopefully stop the feeding tube.

Also, the bone marrow aspiration is now on for Tuesday morning at 9:30.  AND the Dr. thinks that Lydia is doing so well that they are hoping for her to be released from the hospital Wednesday or Thursday.  Who knows?  It might actually happen.

Lydia has grown 4 centimeters since she has been in Seattle!  She is thriving in the midst of illness.  Praise God! 

Thank you for your continued prayers.