Day 28

No news is good news.  Lydia’s bone marrow aspiration (BMA) was postponed until next week.  The decision was made because Lydia’s cold could make her more suseptible to needing to intubated after sedation.  It was a great decision, because last night Lydia started breathing extremely fast.  She was still overloaded with fluid.  The PICU doctor checked her out, in addition to having an x-ray and blood work drawn.   She was not in respiratory distress, just breathing fast.  The doctor said to keep her calm and not let her play too hard.  By morning her respiratory rate was much more normal.  Yea, no PICU!!!  She had a CT Scan today to make sure that nothing was missed.  It came back normal too!

This morning she was a little fussy.  Finally I asked her if she wanted her bottle.  She cried a little louder.  So I gave it to her and she went to town.  I had to take it away from her, so we wouldn’t repeat the problem of her getting too much again.  She still wanted more.  My sweet nurse approved of her having a little more and that did the trick.  I am so excited that she is wanting her bottle.  This is HUGE.  Dr. Burrows said that in her 10 years she has never seen a baby not need a feeding tube so soon after transplant.  So the feeding tube has been postponed with hopes of Lydia eating instead.  Our goal for today is for her to have a total of one and a half ounces of formula TOTAL.  That is about what a week old baby takes EACH feeding.  Baby steps for her precious tummy.

I also found out that her line infection was a Staff infection.  So far yesterday and today’s cultures have come back negative and Lydia has been 24 hours fever free!  It seems that the antibiotics are doing there job.

I have so much joy sharing all of today’s good news.  Life is hard, but God is good!