The other day I was really trying to feed Lydia.  Since she doesn’t take her bottle anymore I was using a syringe to feed her.  I fed her the equavelent to what a newborn takes in…then I paid for it!  Apparently, that was 10 times too much.  The doctors then let me know that they were only wanting a tiny little taste in her tummy, because of how out of shape her tummy is in.  Oops.  Her tummy was upset for a full day after that.

Yesterday morning Lydia was not her self.  She was crying a lot, which is not at all like her.  She got a fever of 100.9.  The doctors typically culture blood samples when kids hit 101 and then start high powered antibiotics.  I asked my nurse to ask the docs to go ahead and culture Lydia’s blood.  With that the doctors were more than happy to treat her as if she had fully spiked a fever.  Five hours later she spiked at 101.8 degrees.  Everyone was glad that she had antibiotics in her earlier than later.  

This morning the cultures came back and she has an infection in her central line.  This is the first time she has ever had a line infection.  The antibiotics are definately working and she is starting to act like herself again!  Her new bone marrow will have to work especially hard as it is fighting this infection.  We are not sure how far back this will set us from being released from the hospital, but are certainly glad that we weren’t at home when this happened.

Tomorrow, Lydia will be sedated for another bone marrow aspiration.  This will tell us how much of the bone marrow is the donors and will also look for any lurking leukemia cells.  I feel at peace about what the doctors will find, but I am a bit apprehensive about sedating her while she has any fluid issues.  There is a small chance that she could end up intubated during sedation, then we would be back in the ICU. 

Thank you for your generous prayers and comments.  I am ever grateful for them.