Day 24

Yes, I should be sleeping.  I just put Lydia to sleep.  Our nurse and I just finished taking her vitals and giving Lydia her medications…and now she is asleep.  So I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Lydia’s counts are coming up amazingly well (ANC – 2460)!!!  She still has crazy fluid issues.   She is on large doses of lasix and still not negating all that she is taking in.  This has increased her breathing rate and weight, but she is still playing, laughing and having a nice time through it all.

She still has her cold, which tickles her throat and makes her gag really easily.  Tomorrow, we are going to talk about putting in a feeding tube to get her tummy use to food again.  She has been on I.V. food (TPN) this whole time and she has forgotten how to eat.  I am hoping once the tube is in, and food is in her belly, that her fluid status will start working properly. 

I beg you to continue to seek the LORD, giving all of these earthly problems to Him.  I am so thankful that you do pray on her behalf.  Additionally prayer is needed for the SCCA kids here in Seattle, the forth floor in Birmingham, and for all of the amazing fighters that touch your heart.  Some of these children are so very sick right now and desperately need your prayers.