Day 20

I miss you all so much.  I am ready for a normal life again.  The past few days Lydia has been doing so well, but I haven’t really heard from God.  I am so exhausted that I don’t even know how to approach Him in a meaningful way.  I have been pretty grumpy.  I am glad God loves me in spite of myself!

Lydia is doing well.  Her mucusitis is fading, but a cold has come in its place.  It is not holding her back much.  Please pray that she gets over it quickly.  Her counts are fluctuating, which is normal.  The trend is still going up, which is what they want.  I get nervous when they are a little lower, but then am overjoyed when they go up again.  The doctors are not concerned, they say that her counts came in so early that it is all perfectly normal.

Lydia is definitely on a hospital schedule.  She has her vitals checked every four hours, so she usually wakes up for an hour or two, plays hard, then goes back to sleep for a couple of hours.  Yes, day and night!  But it is so good that she is able to get up and play. 

Lydia is being weaned from her pain medicine.  She is doing great.  It is expected to be completely off in the next day or two.  She still needs quite a bit of meds for her tummy, with the cold and everything.  She also needs a lot of transfusions, both platelets and red blood.

Thank you all for your prayers and signing our guestbook.  It keeps me connected with the outside world.



PS Today’s ANC 880