Day 14

Today was filled with comforting information. Lydia’s counts are REALLY coming in (ANC of 840)!!!  They have to be above 500 for her to leave the hospital.  She is not ready to go home yet though, but she is doing amazingly well.  She had clear breaths with no extra oxygen last night and today.  She is taking her meds easily by mouth now and wetting her whistle with her bottle, but not really drinking anything yet.

Lydia had some pain today that I couldn’t put my finger on, and this evening some bloodwork was taken that possible showed the source.  Her potassium was high, which can give muscle cramps.  I had noticed her holding her arms funny, but thought it was because she had pretty much been asleep on her back all week.  Probably the lack of use and high potassium was the culprit. 

Did you catch that she was up today?  That’s right, she played many times in short spurts.  She is progressing so well.  Please keep praying.  Her kidneys are a concern for the doctors.  They have cut her lasix in half.  Hopefully as her counts keep coming in, she will be able to handle her fluids better.

I am very hopefull.  I am also thrilled to have my baby girl breathing more comfortably and looking so much better.  I am enjoying this moment