Day 13

Waiting on the Lord is tough.  I mean really.  There is nothing easy about it, in all human terms.  Waiting was not ever one of my strengths, just ask my hubby.  I am learning though.  As I see Lydia sick, I wish there was something that I can do.  But there isn’t anything I can do, really, but just love her.  She is God’s and He has given her to me to love her…and that part is easy to do.  The hard part is waiting.  But the best things in life are worth waiting for.

So last night was rocky.  Lydia is still having problems breathing through her tiny airway.  Thankfully, she was nice and stable all night long, though she had to get many breathing treatments.  As her counts come in she should be getting better.  The doctors and nurses are all very optimistic, while I am on pins and needles waiting.   And Lydia still has fluid issues, though not as extreme as before.

And for all the nerds out there in cyberworld, here are todays counts:  ANC 270!!!!!!!  This a bigstep towards Lydia’s healing.  Please keep praying, God is listening, loving, and healing our baby girl.