Thank you all for your prayers!  I have three HUGE answers to our prayers to share with you.

1. Lydia stayed in the PICU 24 hours for observation and her breathing got better without any help from any mechanical devices!  Now we are back on the transplant floor and she is snug in her bed.  Her breathing is loud at times, but she is saturating great. 

2.  Lydia’s counts started coming in!!!  Can you believe it?  It is only day 12, and white blood count is 400 and her ANC is 80.  All that means is that she still is pretty much without any counts, but they are trying to come in.  As they come in, her mucusitis should go away and she should start feeling better.

3.  Lydia’s fluid is finally coming off.  The diuretics are finally working and she lost about two pounds in 24 hours.  She still has a lot of fluid on her, but it is coming off and her organs are still working.

Please continue to pray, she is teetering on the edge with her breathing.  She begins working pretty hard to breath.  It can be scary.  Also, please pray that as her counts come in that she doesn’t get Graft Verses Host Disease (GVHD).  We don’t want her new marrow to reject her body and make her sick.

These are very fragile times, but her spirit is strong.  She is God’s.