Day 9

The Scare:

Thank you so much for your compassionate prayers.  Lydia continues to be stable…but just by the skin of her teeth!  Today was a very hard day and our transplant doctor had the PICU fellow come assess Lydia and decide whether to be moved to the PICU tonight.  They also talked with the renal doctor about Lydia’s fluid status and then the came up with a last minute plan to try on the transplant floor.

The Problem:

Lydia takes in about 800ml of fluids intraveneously a day.  Her body has been doing something called third spacing, which means fluids leak out of her veins and fill her body.  She has been given lasix to try to  void any excess fluids.  Her body has not been responding to the lasix to the extent that it needs to get rid of the daily fluids, much less the built up fluids in her body.  

The Plan:

Tonight the team worked together to try another diuretic along with a HUGE dose of lasix.  This was the last shot before going to the PICU and possibly getting dialysis and possibly breathing help.  (With so much fluid in her, it is exhausting for Lydia to breath).    So they tried the new diuretic and I went and took a shower.  When I returned she had wet her diaper through!  Then again and again! 

Her breathing was better and she felt better.  Apparently, she had a headache from the shunt that fed into her belly which was full of pressure from the fluids.  She was able to get up and giggle again!

The Credit:

PRAISE GOD for this miraculous turn around.  It is not over yet.  It is truely an hour by hour deal.  She has a lot more fluid to void and her little kidneys need to be able to stay working properly  throughout the process.  Please keep her and her system in your prayers.  Please continue to pray for us all.  It is draining watching your baby suffer.  I am also praying for all of the oncology kiddos – that the door of healing to be opened to them.