Day -1

There is such a since of accomplishment when something is completed.  Right now Lydia is completing her eighth and final Total Body Irradiation (TBI).  I am overjoyed that it is now over, but will miss the people at the University of Washington that so gently led us by the hand on this part of the journey. 

Yesterday, we had a bit of a scare when Lydia was being sedated.  She coughed, then held her breath as it was being administered.  She turned blue as I was laying her on radiation bed.  I got out of the way as fast as I could so that the doctor and nurses could do what needed to be done to keep her breathing.  Very quickly she was breathing and received her treatment.  Since then she has had no problems being sedated.

The mucusitis has now caught up with her.  Mucusitis was caused by the chemo and TBI that kills her current bone marrow.  They also kill other fast dividing cells, especially in the GI tract.  It is very painful so she is being fed intravenously with Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).  She still can take a bottle, but she has a hard time with it and mostly refuses it.  She is on a lot of pain medication, but is able to get up and play in her exersauser.  She is a mighty warrior and I am so thankful for her sweet spirit.

Tomorrow is the big day.  She will receive her umbilical cord blood, stem cell transplant, which will replace her bone marrow.  This will happen sometime after noon pacific standard time.  It is a really easy process…It will work just like a blood transfusion over the coarse of about 30 minutes.  No surgery required.  The cells know where to go.  I wonder how they know where to go! 

Then we wait.  We wait for the cells to engraft and start making the donor’s blood.  This will take weeks and in the mean time Lydia will be exposed to possible infection and need many transfusions.  The mucusitis should go away in a couple of weeks on its own.  The mucusitis is the only thing that the doctors knew that Lydia would have as a major source of pain, everything else is a waiting game…but God knows what is to come.  I am thankful for that.  Lydia is His and I am so thankful that he shares her with me!

Please keep her in your prayers.  I am praying that this new marrow would be a direct reflection of Christ’s marrow and that He will heal her completely through it.

Thanks for all of the prayers and comments that you have left.  They mean so much.