Day -3

Lydia and I have officially moved into the hospital.  So far, Lydia is doing better than expected.  God has been so faithful to your prayers and merciful to my dear girl.  She is still eating and playing, both of which have surprised the doctors.  Next week, around the 18th, is suppose to be the toughest, so please keep praying.

We had a photo shoot in our hospital room, while Lydia was receiving her chemotherapy, on Saturday.  Jon Ward, who donates his time and ability to Soulumination, came to capture our little darling in black and white. 

Isn’t she amazing? 

 We had a lot of fun.

Today is day 2 of total body irradiation (TBI).  She has already gotten all of her chemotherapy to prepare her body for the transplant and now getting her TBI.  She gets TBI twice a day for four days straight.  That means she is not allowed to eat for 12 hours straight.  She tries to catch up the other 12 hours.  Yesterday went well, but felt many affects of the treatment by nightfall.  Thankfully she slept it off and woke up bright eyed this morning.  This was the second time she scared me and I thought it was all downhill, but then recovered nicely.

I had the best Mother’s Day EVER.  My boys came out to visit!  It was wonderful.  I am so greatful to have some time together as a family in the midst of all that is going on.

Please continue to pray.  Nothing is impossible for God.  To Him all the glory, no matter the circumstances.  I had the privilege to meet an infant leukemia survivor in person.  Ethan Huh, a beautiful 18 month old, and his family came to give support and pray for Lydia.  He too was diagnosed at three months and transplanted at eight months.  Now he is one year past transplant and leukemia free!  He had a really tough go of it and now he is catching up to his peers day by day.  He is gorgeous, joyful, and encouraging…his mom is too!

Thanks to all who have left comments and/or signed our guestbook.  I read them all and it is so encouraging.

With much hope,