As the countdown to transplant gets closer, my heart is racing faster.  Lydia is still full of peace and when I look at her the peace of our sweet Lord flows out to me.  I am continually putting her back into His lap and know that it is He who is the giver of life and that He loves my baby girl. 

It is day -11, that is 11 days until transplant.  We are still outpatient, loving the people around us and the sunlight outside.  It is absolutely gorgeous outside.  The view from our room at the Ronald McDonald House is so lovely.  It is a park area, with a trail, some picnic tables, lots of greenery, and a road in the background.  Lydia has had many appointments, at many different places.  Most of which, I am retold the same information…the worse case scenarios for the the short term and the long term.   In the midst of all of this darkness, the heaviness which surrounds the future, there is a pinhole of light.  The light of hope.  It sometimes looks so small to this mama who wants to know that her precious baby will be cured and healthy.  I know that God is making her whole and into the person He created her to be.  I am so thankful for that.  Please pray that I will continue to trust Him with her.  I know that she is even more precious to God than to me.

So here are the details.  Thursday Lydia is admitted to the hospital to begin the conditioning for transplant.  This will include 3 days of chemotherapy and 4 days of total body irradiation.  Then she will have one day off.  On May 16th she will receive her new bone marrow, actually she will receive umbilical stem cells that will enter into her bone marrow.  They expect Mat 18th to be really rough, most likely she will stop eating and be fed through her blood stream for a period of time.  This is when the most drastic pain is expected.  After about a month, the new bone  marrow is expected to engraft and begin making new blood (the donors blood)  soon after hopefully she will have had no infection and will be able to move to the transplant apartments at the Ronald McDonald house.  By day +100 (100 days after transplant) she will have received a multitude of transfusions and hopefully her bodies immunities will be halfway to normal.  They expect that it could be a full two years after transplant for her body to have a full immune system.

So thats it in a nutshell.  Thank you for your continued prayer.  I cherish them.  I live on them.  They are the manna God has provided. 

I was contacted by a mother in Connecticut who’s three month old, Evan, was just diagnosed.  Please pray for there baby boy and family as well.  They have a long road ahead of them and are desperate for prayer as well.


Liz (Lydia’s mom)