Seattle is a very familiar place.  You know when you meet someone on the street that looks familiar or reminds you of someone?  That is how Seattle feels…the people, the places, the dogs.  It is really nice.   

We are in the hospital right now.  Lydia checked in Sunday night so that she could get multiple tests run on Monday, and only have to be sedated once.  Then while she was here they decided to keep her one more day to give her the intrathecal chemotherapy.  A plan was made on how to give her chemo into her spinal fluid and it went well!  She had to be sedated and a doctor from radiology tapped her under floroscopy lights.  When  I left her, for the procedure, I got a little nervous as I walked out the door, but then I heard the OR doctors playing “Sweet Home Alabama” and I knew everything was going to be just fine.  When the procedure was finished Lydia was wheeled up to our room.  She was sitting up cooing, smiling, and playing with the transporter.  She looked like a princess entertaining her guests.  She is so amazing! 

Later this evening she had a diffent kind of infusion called IVIG.  She finished it late this evening and is now sleeping and will be released in the morning. 

I can’t wait to get back to the Ronald McDonald House.  Lydia and I got a “pass” Monday night and got to go home to the RMDHouse.  I couldn’t wait to get there to my space.  It was surprising to me that I felt so bonded to it in such a short period of time.  There are amazing kids and families there.  I highly recommend spending some time or volunteering at your local RMDHouse and getting to know some amazing fighters personally. 

Children’s Hospital of Seattle is wonderful.  The nurses are so compassionate and loving.  When we arrived on Sunday I was so homesick and missed MY nurses back home so much.  Thankfully the nurses here are wonderful too!  They made us feel like we are at home.

I want to thank all of you for the contacts that we have in Seattle.  They are such great people and remind me of home.  In fact, we have multiple contacts here at the hospital that I had met via email prior to Lydia’s admission.  God has been so faithful and ever present.

I almost forgot some very important news, Lydia’s bone marrow test came back clean!  No signs of leukemia.  She is still in remission.  This is a HUGE blessing.  Infant leukemia attacks so quickly.  Relapse happens often for these babies, so please keep praying!