This was the first day that David, Lydia, and I got to meet some of the medical staff that will be caring for Lydia during this phase of her treatment.  The SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) is a well oiled machine.  We arrived at 9:45 and received a schedule of appointments.  Every minute of time was accounted for as we went from appointment to appointment.  Waiting was something that there was not much of.  It was amazing.  One of the nurses realized that there was no time scheduled for David and me to eat lunch, so she made the necessary adjustments.  This is definitely a place that I can’t run late!

Today during one of the meetings with our new team.  Our physician’s assistant mentioned Dr. Cook multiple times.  Dr. Rebecca Cook is Lydia’s oncologist back home in Birmingham.  When he mentioned her name, I was overwhelmed with emotion, because I missed her so much.  Dr. Cook loves Lydia so much and keeps in close contact with Lydia’s progress because she is truly interested and cares for Lydia. 

Mention of Dr. Cook made me think about the amazing love and care that Lydia and I recieved by the nurses and doctors back home.  They have been our family for the past few monthes.  Children’s Hospital is an amazing place and I count the days until we returned…and Lydia cured!

Tomorrow we will meet with the attending physician and talk about the toughest possibilities that Lydia could be faced with.  I ask that you would specifically pray about no lingering leukemia cells anywhere especially in her spinal fluid.  The doctors are still trying to figure out how to give her one of her chemotherapy drugs that kill lingering leukemia cells in her spinal fluid.  This is a problem, because of all of the problems that she has had in her head and no spinal fluid in her spinal sack.  Thankfully this perplexing problem is not too big for our loving God.  He is teaching me to trust Him more and more each day.