Spingtime in Alabama is the best.  It is gorgeous here.  Everything is blooming everywhere.  Lydia is doing great.  I took her to clinic yesterday and everything was great.  She has completely recovered from that last round of chemo.  She didn’t have any problems this time.  Praise God!!! 

Anyway, her counts are great so we have spent a little bit of time in the front yard and have gone out on multiple errands (my mom stayed in the car with Miss Lydia while the boys and I got out).  It has been great!    Lydia is getting so much stronger.  She is amazing and so good natured.  She giggles so much of the time.  It warms my heart.

We aren’t scheduled to go back to clinic until Wednesday.  We are still scheduled to be in Seattle April 22.  I haven’t started packing, organizing or anything.  We are going to stay at the Ronald McDonald house.  I am still looking for a place for my sister to stay when she comes and visits. 

I hope you are enjoying God’s artwork outside.  I am so thankful that He shared it with us all.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  It means more to us than you can imagine.

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