We have been home for a full week and it has been great. Lydia doesn’t go back to clinic until Wednesday.  It looks like we may make without any ER visits or anything.  She is getting stronger everyday.  It is absolutely amazing.  I have had so much fun with the boys.  We have played and played.  I have even gotten out with them a couple of times.  All very normal times.  It feels great being normal. 

I have also noticed that sometimes while being “normal” is also a bit on the sad side.  Everything is very intense, because I realize that nothing is really normal, you know?  It was great seeing many of you at church on Sunday.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  I am praying that Lydia’s central line (tube for drawing blood so she doesn’t have to get stuck with a needle) will start acting right.  I don’t want to see her having to have another surgery if it doesn’t.