My baby girl is pink again.  She is so pretty in pink.  She had a red blood transfusion and pinked right up.  She had so much energy after it and she ate a whole jar of baby food tonight.  Usually she just eats a little bit out of the jar.  My motivation for spoon feeding her solids has been to give her the skills to eat solids, not necessarily to feed her, but now it looks like I might be able to do both!

Plans for Seattle are really coming together.  God is so faithful.  Yesterday, I started getting weepy again about what Lydia will have to endure.  She is SO amazing.  God has gifted her with so much strength.  I was speaking with our fabulous oncologist about the future and all the possibilities.  She just reminded me what God has brought Lydia through.  She thought back to the night Lydia was diagnosed and said that she never would have imagined that we would be sitting here now having the conversation that we are having about her future.  God has brought her so far.  I am so thankful for His presence.  For His peace.  For bringing Lydia this far. 

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