Once again I am amazed.  Lydia has been refusing her bottle for days.  As you know I was feeding her solely by syringe for days…until last night!  When I offered her a bottle, instead of refusing it, she reached out both of her hands, grabbed it, latched on, and sucked it down!  I was in awe of the sweet relief God gave us.  Once again it was a reminder to me that when she gets sick, she recovers. 

We went into clinic today for chemo, but postponed it again.  This time until Monday.  Her counts were great, but she still had a little bleeding from the mucositis.  It is getting better and better everyday.  Please keep praying. 

When Lydia gets this last round, the count down for Seattle begins.  I have been praying for God to show evidence of her healing so we don’t have to go through transplant.  It is not too big for God to do, you know.  I am just continuing to trust Him as we go each step.  Some times are harder than others, but by God’s grace it is possible. 

I have found out that Lydia will have a 5 out of 6 cord blood match, stem cell transplant.  After higher resolution testing of her bone marrow, they found that one of her alleles is very rare, though everything else is easily matched.  We are blessed to have the 5 out of 6 matches.

 I am asking for immediate prayer for Jennifer Cuellar, a 28 year old who has just finished transplant and has just been attacked by the CMV virus, which can be fatal for immune suppressed patients.  Jennifer is the sister to Lydia’s “unrelated donor search coordinator”  Judy Cuellar.  Please pray for them all.  They are begging God for a miracle.  I too, come alongside them and beg God to be glorified in her life. 

Thanks again,

Liz (Lydia’s mom)

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