Yes, after our insane week Lydia was admitted today.  Lydia had more bleeding today, so I brought some samples up to the hospital for the lab.  One of our fabulous nurses orchestrated an amazing feat to get the samples cultured over the weekend.  While I was walking in the lobby, I saw Dr. Berkow in plain clothes with his labradoodle.  He not only works more than one man should at the hospital, he also volunteers with his pup bringing joy to the kiddos.

I was overjoyed to see him.  He already knew that we had been in the ER last night.  When I showed him the specimen sample, he told me to get Lydia to the ER ASAP.  He said that she needed to be observed on 4th floor.

Sally and Lydia were in the car, so I grabbed Lydia and got to the ER immediately.  While we were being checked in we were notified that we got to bypass the ER an go straight to admissions!  Dr. Berkow rocks!

I am thrilled that Lydia has fluids in her.  God is so amazing how He orchestrates every detail.  I am so thankful for such a loving God.