The past 24 hours have been rough.  Lydia has had a 102 degree fever that has made her feel awful.  Her heart rate has been ridiculously high and sometimes her respiration’s have been extremely fast. 

She has had every test under the sun.  Bless this baby, it has been rough.  The neurosurgeons believe that it is a post surgery reaction.  But because of the oncology side, we have to rule out everything that can be tested.  So far, she has tested negative to everything.  Praise God!

I was OK until she had to be catheterized.  Then I lost it.  I hate to see her suffer.  If it wasn’t for our AMAZING nurses I would be a basket case.  Lydia slept most of the day which is good, but also something that the neurosurgeons told me to look for as a sign for another brain hemorrhage.  So I pleaded for another CT scan.  Thankfully, an new bleed was ruled out.  The radiologist said that the last blood clot was breaking up.  This confirmed in my heart that her fever is probably from this break up.

Lydia has not had a bottle today.  She ate a few bites of bananas and has her IV of fluids.  I pray that tomorrow she will go back to the bottle.  She wants to nurse.  It tears me up.

David is here with me this evening.  I miss my boys like crazy.  I think I have aged 10 years in the past 3 months.  God is in control.  Please pray that I continue to trust Him mightily.  Please pray for the fever – NO infection.  Please pray that David finds a way to let his stress out.  Please pray for my boys.  Please pray for my sister Sally – she has had some medical issues and has to take it easy for a couple of weeks (hard to do in my house).  Please pray for the grandparents – this is SO hard for them. 

Thanks to you all for your prayers, love, support, and help.  God is so big and evident in you all.  You are truly made in the image of God.

 By the way, Lydia has finished up the next round of chemo.  She was able to push through and is recovering from the High Dose Methotrexate on top of everything else.  Please pray for no side effects from the chemo too.