Lydia came out of surgery great.  Our wonderful neurosurgeon, Dr. Satchivi, let us know that he ran into some bleeding due to her counts.  They were high enough to do surgery, but her little body has been through so much.  She bleeds easier than normal apparently.  She had a CT Scan and it looked great.  PRAISE GOD, yet again!

So this is what I am slowly learning…I have been able to give my children over to God.  For His use and purposes.  What is harder for me is giving each specific detail to Him.  I know God is in control.  It has been very interesting to hear things that have not been ideal to me and give each of them to God…but I am learning, sometimes faster than I could imagine.

So my specific prayer request is that Lydia would not bleed in her brain and that the previous bleeding would not damage anything as it is broken up by the spinal fluid and passes through the new shunt. 

Please keep praying and worshipping our creator.  He is lovely.

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