Sorry it has taken me so long to give you all an update.  The drain (EVD that drains excess spinal fluid off of her brain) began leaking on Friday.  To make things worse, on Saturday she had a brain hemorrhage.  Thankfully, it did no damage.  It gave her a really bad headache.  By Monday, she was back to normal.  All happy and smiles, even though she had to go without food for her MRI yesterday and for her surgery today.  She is AMAZING. 

Lydia is in surgery right now.  Our neurosurgeon is taking out her drain (EVD) and replacing it with a shunt that drains spinal fluid internally.

Our oncology team is doing a lumbar puncture on her during the surgery.  They will find out whether she has fluid available in her lumbar region to do “normal” spinal taps for her chemo. (They just came out and told us that the tap was successful !!!  PRAISE GOD!!!)

I want to thank you all for your prayers.  She has not had any infection.  Therefore, no meningitis.  Hopefully she will resume chemo by Thursday.

SEATTLE UPDATE:  The last I heard from Seattle, was four more weeks until they want Lydia there.

FEEDING UPDATE:  Lydia is taking a bottle regularly.  She is also taking a pacifier.  She loves her pacifier!  I haven’t been spoon feeding her since she has been hospitalized this time, but plan on starting up again once she gets the surgery behind her.

Please keep praying.  We really need them.

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