On Tuesday, Lydia had to have emergency neurosurgery.  They removed the Ommaya Reservoir (port for chemo in her head) and immediately spinal fluid squirted out.  So the Surgeons put a drain in her head to see whether it was a chronic problem or not.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in the waiting room freaking out.  This was the first time I had a physical response.  My head hurt and I thought I might lose my lunch.  Really God what are you thinking?  This is one of my many prayers.

One of Lydia’s doctors calls me and asks me if I have a direct line to the Man upstairs.  She couldn’t believe that God had answered one of my prayers so quickly.  A few weeks ago, I had asked her what would it take for her to know if God had healed Lydia, because right now she is suppose to be in remission.  I had asked, “what if He removed her Ommaya Reservoir”.  She thought I was crazy and agreed that she would take that as a hint.  So now the reservoir is gone.  Not really what I had in mind.

The Neurosurgeons thought all was going well with the drain, and turned it off, but then her head leaked again this morning.  The drain is running again, and she will most likely undergo surgery on Monday, to place a shunt in her head to remove excessive spinal fluid from her head on a permanent basis.

Hopefully, she will start chemo again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  All of this can only happen if she does not get an infection.  So please pray against meningitis.

How is baby Lydia?  Great.  She has no idea what kind of scare she has given me.  She played in the exersaucer today, smiling and laughing.  She is still eating well.  If she gets a headache she gets some meds.  God has given her so much peace.

Thanks for your continued prayers,