I just wanted to let everyone know that we are bringing Lydia to church tomorrow to have her dedicated.  I know with out a doubt that she is the Lord’s and we have already dedicated her life to serving our Lord, but David and I wanted a chance to do this as a community, with our family of Christ. 

I know most of you that read this blog will not be able to be there in person, but I still want to give you opportunity to participate.  Tomorrow, when you go to church, please take time to really worship the Lord for all He is doing.  Praise Him through Lydia’s struggles, through your own struggles…and praise Him that He never leaves you.  EVER.  Praise Him for holding Lydia in the palm of His hand.  Praise Him for holding us all in spite of our screw ups.  I praise Him, that He ransomed my heart long before I ever screw up.  Praise Him for healing.  And praise Him for taking us up to Himself.  Please beg God for an evident healing for Lydia.  No matter what the Lord may do…Praise Him.

If you are reading this, and Sunday has come and gone, it is still not too late.  Please join me and praise our Lord for all of these things and much more.