I just talked with Liz and she would like prayers for the following:

The hospital in Seattle requires that Liz wean Lydia before the transplant.  There are lymphocytes in breastmilk which can affect how her body reacts to the transplant.  It is still a month or two before they leave for Seattle, but Liz realizes that the process will most likely be difficult so she is trying to get Lydia used to the bottle now.  Lydia is not doing well in that department.  Of course, Liz’s mother’s heart is to comfort her baby when she cries and when Lydia is hungry she wants to feed her.  Other family members try to give Lydia a bottle, but it is hard for them to see Lydia crying also.  So, please pray for anything you can think to pray regarding this transition.  Liz said she will be all right with weaning Lydia, IF Lydia will gladly take the bottle, she just can’t stand to see her upset in the process.

Other than that, things are going well.  Liz said Lydia slept through a chemo shot.  They will go to clinic tomorrow for a blood transfusion.

Lee Kate