Last night was so bizarre.  Lydia brushed her head on the side of the hallway wall, while being held.  If this had happened to a healthy child, there would be no problem, but Lydia’s platelets were low on Friday and she developed a small bruise on the back of her head.  You know what that means…

ER visit.

The ER was packed and once again she was neutrapenic (no counts, she could catch anything).  They labeled her code orange and got her back to a room immediately.  The nurse was glad when she saw us, because all she read on the file was code orange and head trauma.  She was expecting a fractured skull.  She said that Lydia’s condition could be just as dangerous of a situation.  Thankfully it was not.  Her CT scan was good. 

Lydia’s blood work showed that her platelets had bottomed out.  So it is 11:30 on a Saturday night in a busy ER.  The doctor tells me it will be hours until any will be available for her.  Do you know that she wrote the order and immediately a bag was brought to us with her name on them.  Someone had direct deposited them for Lydia and they expire at midnight!  She got them in the nick of time.  They were about to give them away.

Please read Platelets as We Know it Today to get more information about donating.  There is a desperate shortage of platelets and many are in need..



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